justafad (justafad) wrote in thehighstreet,

Scotland Shopping!

Shirt from H&M, £14.95

Dorothy Perkins scarf from BHS, £14.00

Debenhams, £22

New Look, £18

H&M, £10.00 It's a bit tight on the arms when I move them but it was on sale and I loved it too much to leave it there!

H&M, half off! £2.75

BHS, £1

Kind of hard to tell the colors...one's a light pink and the other's a dark sparkly blue. £1 each at Superdrug.

Not clothes, I know. But I thought they were funny and I wanted to share them. £7.99 at a store in Portree...I forget the name of it.

New Look, £2.75 (half price).
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