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Small post

I only bought a few things today as I was wearing new heels & I was in pain after 30 minutes! lol

But here is a photo post of what I bought!

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Some of the pictures look kinda weird (which makes my skin look awful) because I had to brighten them a lot to make the colours & prints stand out, with the weather being dull when I took the photos! So, sorry about that!

I don't know if you can see very well but this top has gold embellishments which look great! I love River Island atm! And I will always, always have a weakness for animal clothes & accessories! ♥
Lion top, River Island, £21.99.

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You can wear this top buttoned up, but it looks better on me open with a vest. I have so many sheer tops from New Look because they have some beautiful prints! And sheer items make me feel so feminine which hard to feel at almost 5'8" with size 7 feet! LOL
Sheer blouse, New Look, £22.99

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I've been looking for a pretty white bag for a while, but they're always too tiny or huge, holdall-type bags! This is perfect! And it was in the sale!
White croc-print bag, New Look, was £24.99, now £10.00

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I really didn't need to buy any more necklaces but I can't resist owls!! I ♥ owlies!!
Owl necklace, New Look, £4.99

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I never buy rings as my fingers are so skinny but I couldn't resist this. Plus, it's so big, it can't turn around as plain rings do. So win!
Swallow ring, New Look, £3.99

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These are older purchases so I can't remember the prices, but I had the pics on my laptop, so here they are! :D They're both New Look.

This dress reminds me of toile de jouy wallpaper.

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This purse is gorgeous! Proof that you don't need to skin animals for real to get beautiful products. Fake skins ftw!

Although it is huge! I couldn't fit it into the bag I used today! lol But I have a lot of reward cards (Waterstones, Boots, Tesco, IKEA...) so I need a big purse!

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