sunshinebee (sunshinebee) wrote in thehighstreet,

Interview outfit and BooHoo order.

Hello! I see the community isn't very active at the moment. Well here's a post with an outfit I wore for an interview this morning and then some buys from BooHoo which arrived when I got home :)

Interview outfit minus cardigan. Top (actually a dress) from H&M and skirt from a shop in Gran Canaria. Boots <3 from BHS.

With H&M cardi.

Side view..

New bag from Monsoon/Accesorize (sp!?) £32 down to £16 :)

This items are from BooHoo and I am NOT keeping.

Ew ew ew.

Kind of nice I guess but should have got it in a different colour.

Not used to long coats and feel a bit swamped in this.

This I'm not sure if I want to keep or not.. Chain shoulder black dress. £12

These I am keeping :)

Leopard print stripey dress. Wasn't sure when I first put it on but it grew on me. £10

LOVE this skirt. Zip down the back. So much nicer than on the website. £6! Might get it in Colbolt blue too.

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I like your outfit, it's not too casual but looks mega comfy.

I have some serious issues with Boohoo and don't think I'll ever buy anything from there again. No matter how many sale emails they send out. The skirt does look nice though!
ooo the 'keep' stuff looks nice, espesh the skirt, seems good value! But yeah I never ordered from boohoo because i worry i wont like the thin fabrics! and i agree, the coat is very odd fitting, ohwell at least you found the hidden gems!