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new things.

Hi, I'm Kym. I posted here a couple of times ages ago.
I must apologise in advance for the rubbish quality of the pictures.

Anyways, what with it being autumn/winter now (despite sudden heat wave)
and with Uni starting up again I have started to build up a new wardrobe.
Also all my favourite clothes seem to be falling apart as I have literally worn
them to death, this makes me sad.

These are not new, but have been living in them lately.
Converse - via mum, star laces via sister.

Recent purchases

h&m grey vest with sparkly studds (£7.99), worn with lace vest - tk maxx (£4.99?)

h&m Desert skull tee (£7.99) modeled with jammies.
Also bought a black cardigan with elbow patches but no picture - sorry.

Military jacket by Redherring @ Debenhams. This was the only one left and at the till it had been reduced to £13.50, then got a further 10% due to (4!) missing buttons. Still trying to find replacement buttons. Decided to be a fashion rebel and buy/wear this despite it not being whats "in" because I really really like it.

In vein fluer de lis tee shirt (£12.99) via tkmaxx

underbust steel boned corset (£23 plus p+p) - influenced by the bondage trend, and also because I've always wanted one. Should have really bought new work shoes though ~le sigh~

Primark beads (£?can't remember). Went in all excited because I don't have a local Primark, and there was NOTHING in the actual clothing that I liked. Ended up buying even more tights, which I don't need, and a head band with kinda matches the grey vest. sorry for lack of pictures.

Beaded bangles - diy. Not really "highstreet" but have started incorporating more diy pieces into my outfits. Does anyone else do this?

NYC glitter polish, I call this look "disco bruise."

Things I'm hunting for/wishlist
+ cool wellies for when it snows
+ wet look leggings - suddenly decided I want some now that they're out of the shops
+ non leather belt (for buckles I already have)
£12 Matalan

I really don't like some of the current trends just now, especially the colour mustard. And haven't been that impressed with whats in the shops lately, and one else find this?
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Where's the corset from by the way? I want one just like that but good ones are usually expensive :-(
I don't like what I've seen in the shops so far either, well I haven't been to any shopping centres recently but from what i've seen on front page of asos etc, it seems like they are such non-trends? like there's no strong trends really and they're just making up trends like 'BIG COATS ARE IN!' so people buy stuff! I guess that's good for my bank balance since I won't be buying much haha
the corset is from:

They are pretty awesome, if you go in the sale section, under corset of the day they have massively reduced corsets. (I picked black and underbust because I'll be able to incorporate it into more outfits.) They're all really gorgeous and great quality and if I could afford and justify owning that many I would simply buy just about about all of them. Highly recommended.

Yeah there seem to be a lot of 'trends' just now that don't really fit in with each other? I liked the Navajo thing initially but I wouldn't wear it myself and it seems to be going on forever?! Bright colours and big floppy hats aren't *me* either :/ I think I'll get more excited when all the festive party dresses start coming out.
Oh cool! the website does look really good value, so tempted to buy more than one! thanks :-)
No problem! The one thing I would say though if you are planning on getting one is when choosing your size maybe don't go the 4 inches smaller that they tell you to order. I did this and although I could squeeze into it, I could barely move or breathe! For a steel boned - waist training n00b like me that was too hardcore. Swapping it wasn't an problem though.
ah thats very useful to know, i hate anything restricting so probably have to go up a waist size even! haha
Very intereresting reading. thx