justafad (justafad) wrote in thehighstreet,

Scotland Shopping!

Shirt from H&M, £14.95

Dorothy Perkins scarf from BHS, £14.00

Debenhams, £22

New Look, £18

H&M, £10.00 It's a bit tight on the arms when I move them but it was on sale and I loved it too much to leave it there!

H&M, half off! £2.75

BHS, £1

Kind of hard to tell the colors...one's a light pink and the other's a dark sparkly blue. £1 each at Superdrug.

Not clothes, I know. But I thought they were funny and I wanted to share them. £7.99 at a store in Portree...I forget the name of it.

New Look, £2.75 (half price).
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the clothes are pretty! your style is similar to mine- i love lace, florals and crochet (really anything feminine but I don't have fragile facial features so i think it's not too sickening)! i'm glad its in the stores more now.

those magnets are priceless! love, love!
Argh! I've been looking for the perfect little crotchet hat for ages, typical that it would be a shop that isn't in my city :(
gorgeous things though! x
do you mind if I use the picture of the hat to see if anyone is selling it the tsuk comm?
Nope, Go right ahead!
wow that scarf is pretty, pretty!