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River Island Sale

I went to the River Island sale today. Not at 7am as I swear I don't understand why people go so nuts for sales!! If I really want something, I'll buy it but only then. I won't buy something just because it's cheap. I do have a lot of willpower in sales (although sadly not for Starbucks!).

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H50: McGarrett is confused

Small post

I only bought a few things today as I was wearing new heels & I was in pain after 30 minutes! lol

But here is a photo post of what I bought!

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Some of the pictures look kinda weird (which makes my skin look awful) because I had to brighten them a lot to make the colours & prints stand out, with the weather being dull when I took the photos! So, sorry about that!

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Is exposing half your ass in a thong deliberate or poor belt choice?

I'm sitting on the bus yesterday and this beautiful black girl gets on, looks my age and stunningly curvy. We exchanged a smile and I thought she carried herself with poise and class.....until she sat down and showed she was exposing half her ample bottom and ultimately pointless (due to size) thong. Is this something women do deliberately out of pride from their ass or is it a wardobe malfunction? 
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Advice needed!

Helloo, first post, and already i'm after advice! :P

I have this:

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and these:

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What colour tights do I wear with them? I don't want anything too transparent / thin, which makes things harder. Do the boots and dress even go together? I also have some brown brogues that may go better, but I have the same issue - which tights? Going tight less is not an option.

Just Relax

Just because I love it so..

After seeing this a couple of months ago and not being able to get my size in the shop or online I resigned myself to the fact that I would never own this jacket. That was until yesterday :)


Photo doesn't do it justice. It's so soft and loverrrlyy :)